Dong fabric purse
Natural dye cotton

A useful zip purse made from naturally dyed cotton from the Dong tribe in Guizhou, south east China. This traditional fabric is dyed with local ingredients, and undergoes the unusual treatment of egg whites and hammering to achieve a stiff shiny texture. The result is similar to a starched linen. In Chinese it is simply called 亮布 liang bu - shiny fabric. It is unique to the Dong tribe and makes their traditional tribal garments. It comes in a variety of beautiful colours from local plants and the entire process of making the fabric is made on Lan Lan’s farm  – from weaving the cotton, dying the fabric and finishing the cloth to its shiny texture. The pouch is made in a small workshop in Shanghai.

︎ Natural dyed cotton outer, black cotton lining and pockets inside, silver metal zip closure

︎ Width 23cm, depth 15cm
︎ Can be hand washed cold