Framed Bai Print
Printed paper

These woodblock prints are used as blessings and lucky charms by the Bai people, an ethnic group of Yunnan, south west China.

Over 500 allegorical images depict fantastical characters, beasts and symbols that have existed since the Tang and Song dynasties and are used on doors, in homes or carried for their protective promises.

Zhang Renhua learnt to engrave the motifs from his father, and his studio is one of two still making them. Each block is hand carved in wood and printed on fine handmade paper made from mulberry bark.

︎︎︎ Size 48cm x 48cm
︎︎︎ White mount under perspex in black wooden frame
Guardian spirit to guard the house and exorcise evil
Male & female god referring to lovers and harmony
Peacock armour horse to protect the family home