Homespun Cotton Shirt
Handwoven cotton

We source traditional Chinese hand weave fabric in the Shanghai region. The pretty checks and stripes are now rarely made, and only one or two shirts can be cut from each bolt of vintage cloth making each totally unique. These one-of-a-kind shirts are all beautifully made in a small studio in Shanghai.

Chinese ‘tubu’ is a coarse cotton spun, dyed and woven on a hand loom in the home. Traditionally women worked on the fabric during fallow periods of farming and the labour-intensive hand-woven cloth was considered part of a woman’s dowry.

︎︎︎ Shirt Jackets 100% cotton, with corozo nut buttons
︎︎︎ Unisex shirt jacket style with standard collar, cuff and two chest pockets
︎︎︎ Men’s fit: model wears a size S/M and is a size medium (6ft, 38” chest, 15.5” collar)
︎︎︎ Women’s fit: model wears size S/M and is size small/UK10
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