Lacquerware bowl
Birch wood

This wooden bowl is a beautiful example of Chinese lacquerware from Liangshan, Sichuan province. The Jipi family are currently the 16th generation to run their workshop, using natural lacquer and dyes and traditional techniques. Lacquer is one of China’s ancient inventions using natural liquid from the native Lacquer tree combined with colour pigment to create a durable and ornamental finish to wooden utensils.

The design is indigenous to the Nuosu minority group. Living remotely in the Sichuan mountains their inspirations come from nature and they translate the sun, moon, trees and wind in to the patterns.

︎︎︎ Carved birch wood, natural black and yellow pigment paint and finished with natural lacquer varnish
︎︎︎ Diameter 27cm, height 12cm
︎︎︎ Naturally water resistant, wipe clean rather than heavy washing to maintain